Ultimate Package Is HERE!

Ultimate Package

Ultimate Package– Ideal for growing streamers.

Our Ultimate Package is excellent for streamers looking to create a unique brand identity across Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The ultimate package is our most complete package, this includes everything we design, along with some animation as standard to really help you stand out from the crowd.

We believe it is vital for streamers to never overlook the power of these additional platforms with millions of potential viewers just a few clicks away from your stream.

Whether you are just starting out or are already an established name on Twitch / Mixer, this is the perfect package for you. Not only does this include artwork to cover every aspect of Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, social media it also includes animation to help give your artwork depth as well as unique banners for tools such as StreamLabs and Stream Elements. Our Ultimate Package contains:


Logo (Single image)
Twitch Profile Banner
Twitch Panels | As many as you need.
10 Twitch Alerts | Compatible with StreamLabs, Stream Elements and more.
PSD files | Including smart objects for easy editing.
Any Lanuage | English, français, Deutsche, Español and more.
Unlimited Revisions until you are satisfied*

Twitch / Mixer Screens

Offline screen
Twitch Stinger | Quick and eye-catching animation!
2 x Intermission screen 16:9 | Includes Particle animation!
2 x Intermission screen 4:3 | Includes Particle animation!
Starting soon | Includes Particle animation!
Stream ending | Includes Particle animation!

YouTube Elements

YouTube Banner
YouTube Outro scene
Animated YouTube intro | Short and eye-catching to keep audience retention high.

Social Media Elements

Twitter Banner
Facebook Banner
Going Live Image | Great way to let viewers know you are going live!
Patreon Banner
StreamLabs / Stream Elements / Muxy Donation Banner | Banner for your donation page.

Animated Overlay + Webcam

Twitch Modular Overlay | Featuring 16+ elements for maximum flexibility – Animated!
16:9 Webcam – Animated!
16:9 Webcam | With stream tickers – Animated!
4:3 Webcam – Animated!
4:3Webcam | With stream tickers – Animated!

Our artwork is compatible with all popular tools and many more!
StreamLabs | Stream Elements | Muxy | xSplit | OBS | Mixer | Twitch

Is the Ultimate Package right for me?

Our Ultimate Package is ideal for every streamer no matter what platform. This is the only product you will need to create a unique brand to grow your stream.
With animation as standard, this gives the ultimate package the edge over our other packages and helps keep your stream looking unique and eye-catching no matter what or where you are streaming.

Our ultimate package should allow you to grow as a streamer without having to worry about if your channel looks good. We think unifying your artwork is an important step on the road to both channel growth and affiliate/partner status.

What is unique about our Ultimate Package?


This package features animation as standard. Within the ultimate package, we will add simple and non-distracting animation to three main screens of the package. The intermission, stream starting and stream ending screens. This animation is subtle yet helps the artwork stand out. Animation such as dust, particles, and embers blend with your design to create a beautiful loopable video without distracting your viewers.

NEW – Our ultimate package animation now includes webcams and overlays. This is unique to this package.

Unlimited Twitch Panels

The ultimate package  is our only package to feature an unlimited amount of twitch panels. You can choose if you prefer the clean design of slimmer panels or if you want panels which contain text information. With an unlimited amount of twitch panels, you can tweak your panels to better fit your stream.

Stinger Transition

A Stinger transition is also included in our ultimate package. The stinger transition is used as a short animated transition screen between two scenes. A great example of this is when switching from a stream starting or intermission scene over to your live stream. This will blend with a simple few seconds of animation which is designed in line with your theme.

StreamLabs / Stream Elements

The ultimate package  also adds in a few extra banners that are great if you use some of the more popular streaming tools such as streamlabs or Stream Elements. These platforms use your twitch banner as the donation banner but this doesn’t work too well. We will create another banner with the correct sizing proportions to help your donation page stand out. This can include a custom thank you message or be themed differently from your standard banners.

Going Live Image

Another great addition to our ultimate package is the Going Live image. We see hundreds of streamers going live every hour but instead using a themed image they just send out a simple tweet. We feel that a going live image can help drive new users to see your stream on platforms such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and more.

What information do I need to provide?

Upon ordering this item we will need some information before we can start the order. Typically, a brief description of the style you are after for your Ultimate package along with any examples from either our portfolio or other streamers would be enough for us to start designing your package for twitch.

We can work with as much or as little information as you are able to provide at the checkout. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear your ideas.

Please remember that typically within our packages we tend to not create cartoon versions of streamers, lifelike portraits or chibis. With this in mind if you wanted to check if your idea is possible please reach out to us and we can discuss your idea.

Need help or have any questions?

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please reach out to us, we would love to chat.


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