Ultimate Bundle Is HERE!

New Product
We are now happy to announce that by popular demand we have launched a new bundle, the ultimate bundle. The ultimate bundle is everything you need and more. The bundle will help you create a definitive brand across Twitch, YouTube and social media outlets. Featuring over 90+ elements of Twitch graphics, modular twitch overlays and more. This is the ideal bundle for both new and veteran streamers.
This bundle takes what works so well from our other popular bundles such as the complete bundle and combines everything into a new package. Not only does this combine our popular products but also adds some unique features which are only available in this bundle.

What is unique about our ultimate bundle?



This bundle is our one to feature animation as standard. Within the ultimate bundle, we will add simple and non-distracting animation to three main screens of the bundle. The be right back (BRB), stream starting and stream ending screens. This animation is subtle yet helps the artwork pop when used lived. Animation such as dust, particles, and embers blend with your screen without distracting the viewer and adding depth.

Unlimited Twitch Panels

The ultimate bundle is our only bundle to feature an unlimited amount of twitch panels. You can choose if you prefer the clean design of slimmer panels or if you wanted panels which contained text information. With an unlimited amount of twitch panels, you can tweak your panels to better fit your stream.

Stinger Transition

A Stinger transition is also included in our ultimate bundle. The stinger transition is used as a nice animated yet short transition screen between two scenes. A great example of use is when switching from a stream starting or intermission scene over to your live stream. This will blend with a simple few seconds of animation which is designed in line with your theme.

StreamLabs / Muxy Banner

The ultimate bundle also adds in a few extra banners that are great if you use some of the more popular streaming tools such as streamlabs or muxy. These platforms use your twitch banner as the donation banner but this doesn’t work too well. We will create another banner with the correct sizing proportions and created to be used on your donation page. This can include a custom thank you message or be themed differently from your standard banners.

Twitter Ad Image

Another great addition to our ultimate bundle is that we create a Twitter ad image for you to use when going live. We see hundreds of streamers going live every hour but instead of taking the time to use an ad image they just send out a simple tweet. We feel that an ad image can help drive new users to see your stream on platforms such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and many more. Even though we call this product our “twitter ad image” this can be used on any social media you wish to notify both current and potential new viewers you are going live.
If you have any questions in relations to our brand new bundle. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our live chat or contact page.

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New Product

Ultimate Bundle Is HERE!

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