Below are our most recent announcements and updates. Check them out!

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    Mixer (beam.pro) bundle is HERE!

    We are happy to announce that today we have launched our Mixer (beam.pro) bundle. This is similar to our other bundles and the Mixer Graphics Bundle is a great way to kickstart a new mixer channel or to breath some life into a current channel you have. The mixer streamers graphic set contains all the items...
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    Portfolio has been updated!

    We are happy to announce that we have once again updated our portfolio. This new portfolio features more of our recent artwork to help keep you updated with the style of artwork we are currently producing. Please note that we will be adding more items to the portfolio over the coming weeks to give you a...
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    Holiday SALE. 10% off all bundles.

    Today we are happy to announce that we have now launched our holiday sale which will consist of a 10% discount across all bundles. Our bundles are a great way to kickstart a new channel or to breath some life into a current channel you have. We have a large selection of bundles which cover all your...
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    Give a Gift Card this holiday season.

    Today we are happy to announce that we have launched our first gift card. We believe that now is the perfect time to launch our gift card as we have had multiple inquiry’s regarding the buying of Twitch and YouTube bundles for friends this holiday season. This product will remain on our site as this...
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    Black friday is here! 10% Discount on bundles for a short time.

    It’s that time of year again. Black friday is here and we again are offering a discount on all of our bundles. This year we have a 10% discount on all of our bundles until Monday (28th.) Our bundles are a great way to re brand an existing channel or start your channel right. If...
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    New Host… SiteGround

    Today we are happy to announce that we have finally made the switch over to site ground. If you are interested in also switching to sitehost we will include our affiliate image/link below We have also moved across our whole ticketing system and live chat features so hopefully cut down on our response time and...
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    Downtime between the 27th – 30th.

    We can only apologies for the outage we experienced between the 27th – 30th of December. This was though no fault of our own as our hosting company (asmallorange.com) lost most of their VPS’s. This effected thousands of websites and we have only just got access to our website and email services. We just want...
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    Holiday Opening Times

    As the holiday season is ready approaching we would love to inform you the following days we will be closed. Please check below 22nd December: OPEN 23rd December: OPEN 24th December: CLOSED 25th December: CLOSED 26th December: CLOSED 27th December: OPEN 28th December: OPEN   Any orders which fall on this day will be delivered on the 27th. In s...
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    Portfolio v2.0 is HERE!

    We are now pleased to announce the launch of our new portfolio v2.0. Since our portfolio has grown so rapidly we have had to move over to a new portfolio platform. With this new portfolio system you can now filter between all of our categories of items and we have even been able to include a...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales! 15% off everything

    We thought we would celebrate Black Friday / Cyber Monday in style this year with a 15% discount on every product. To gain this discount simply enter “blackfriday” at the checkout. This discount end on Monday at midnight!  ...
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    November Update.

    We have had a busy few months designing graphics for a wide range of streamers and YouTubers. We have got some big things planned for 2016 and we would love to detail below some of our goals as we are starting to approach the new year. Planned Revision 1.0 Design and implement a brand new...
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    Now Accepting Stripe

      We are proud to announce that Tacticalliondesigns.com is processing payments with Stripe checkout. One of the main reasons we wish to install Stripe was for a better user experience for our customers. Stripe allows us to accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club via Stripe. Thi...
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    Improved Live Chat + Response Times

    We strive ourselves on constantly improving and growing with the needs of our customers. We take all the feedback you guys give us as we try to improve upon your feedback. With this in mind we have completely redone our live chat and communication systems between you the customer and us. Our live chat system /...
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    Planned Absence between the 10th-19th of June.

    We will be away from the office between the 10th-19th of June . Everybody needs a vacation once in a while and our designers are no different. We will still be replying to emails and making changes to any orders that have already been delivered. Saying this we are traveling with our laptops and portable...
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    26th-29th Vacation March.

    We will be away from the office between the 26th-29th March. Everybody needs a vacation once in a while and our designers are no different. We will still be replying to emails when we can but please don’t expect any deliveries between the 26th-29th. Any orders that fall on this date will be delivered on...