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A great and vibrant avatar will help people remember you instantly. Due to this fact we believe you should use your avatar across all your social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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A great avatar will help people remember you instantly. You should use it everywhere, across the board. Use it on your blog if you have one (you should).Use it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, everywhere.
Even if people don’t automatically remember your name or your website, they’ll remember your avatar and make an association.When they see it again later, on another network or site, they’ll be more likely to pay attention, to friend you, and maybe remove a few of those degrees of separation.

Examples of avatars can be found above.

A Typical avatar would be in the form of a logo (vector or text designs; as shown on this page) and not drawings of people, faces and animals (cartoons). 

If you do require items such as cartoons (animals, people) we can accommodate this by using our premium paid for access to thousands of royalty free images and tweak them to your specific needs.

Upon ordering this item we will need some information from you before we can start the order.  An example of some of the questions that may need answering are below, You do not need to answer these and if you don’t we will use our artistic and creative flair to fill in the blanks:

Primary Colors
Text to be included
Fonts to be used
Images to be included
Link to your Social Media (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook)

Please include these in the “Order Notes” when at the checkout page.

Please check out the examples above; or our full portfolio for even more.


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Professional Product at a Fair Price

Phenomenal job by TacticalLionDesigns. Their work was exactly what I was asking for. Highly recommend for anyone looking for graphic design products.

Hello Benjamin, Thank you for taking the time to reach back out to us and provide a great review :) I would like to wish you all the best with your future streaming goals.

Brilliant!!! Very impressed with my artwork


Thankyou for doing such an amazing job :D


The contents of the order was awesome. I love my logo. However, the time it took, not so much. I got an initial email from them requesting somemore information. After sending the info, i waited 5 days and had to put in a support ticket to contact them about my art. After I finally got the first draft I waited another 5 days and another support ticket to finalize the project.

Hello Justin, Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest review. We love that you like the artwork we provided to you as this was a joy to make. With regards to the delivery time period for the edit, you requested we can only apologise for this. With the holiday season, fast approaching this did slip through the net and is not something we wished to happen. We will take your feedback onboard and aim to improve our workflow based on your suggestion. Have a great day. Best Regards

Fantastic work!!! Little late and communication prior was lacking. However end product made up for everything ! Getting a full twitch package now !


Everything went smoothly and i got the logo i asked for. It did take a couple of extra days but i was more than happy to wait.

I will be back for more in the future :)


Hello John, Thank you for your review. We really did like the logo that we created for you and again let us apologies for the slight delay on this order. Have a great day.

I was disappointed when they emailed explaining they don't create drawn images, especially after id already placed my order. On the other hand, they did explain that it is stated on their website and offered to create something I would enjoy, otherwise a full refund can be arranged. To my surprise, I liked what they created more than my original idea.


Service was great. I'am very satisfied with my avatar!!!!!

Hello Frederick, Thank you for your positive review.

Fabulous!! so pretty


Took longer than planned and little communication but what they produced was good

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