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  • Custom mascot design

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    Essential upgrades

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One of our most popular packages, the Twitch Package has everything a Twitch streamer needs to get started in the streaming world. We have included all the essentials for any  streamer to have a fully branded and unique set up!

With the base package forming a fantastic start, simply add any of our add-ons on, to build the perfect stream theme.

Designed to work on every platform to give you flexibility

What's  included?



Other  Elements

Custom mascot design

The perfect addition to take the twitch package to the next level with a custom hand drawn mascot. Our mascot designs are perfect for streamers wanting to create an eye-catching brand that is truly unique.

Everything a Streamer needs

The Twitch Package has been designed from scratch to give you the perfect design elements to create and maintain a professional twitch stream.

Every package is built around your ideas. Truly unique to you.

Works on Every platform

Designed to work on every platform to give you as much flexibility to use the tools and platform that suits you.

Stream on a unique platform? Our support heroes are only a click away.

streaming tools

Professional Animation

Take the Twitch Package to the next level by adding custom animation.

We add subtle yet eye-catching animation such as dust, glow, and embers to help the artwork blend perfectly with any stream design and content style. 

Not only does this help your artwork look great, it keeps the focus on the main attraction on your channel, you and the gameplay.

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Social media branding

Keeping a consistent brand across social media is more important than ever. With this add-on we will design the perfect Twitter, Facebook and YouTube banner to match the rest of your artwork.

One click setup Streamlabs

With this add-on we can professionally set up your scenes and alerts so that you can focus on what’s important, streaming!

Once the package is complete we will provide you with a .overlay file for easy scene importing and a widget link to install your animated alerts.


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How does it  Work?

1 Submit your ideas

Choose your package and proceed to the checkout. Here we will take some details about the design.

We can work with any information you are able to provide. However, it always helps to provide some basic details such as, example designs and a color scheme.

Within 2 working days our support heroes will reach out to discuss your order and steps moving forward.

2 Concept creation

Once the initial draft is complete our designers will reach back out to present what we have created.

This is where you can give us feedback and ask for any edits to be made to the initial design. From here we will proceed to apply any revisions you requested to the initial concept.

If a large change or redesign is required then we please ask to allow an extra 2 working days to process the changes.

3 Full package design

Once the initial draft is accepted our designers will create a full package mock up based around this design.

This design will contain all the elements within the package as well as the animated assets.

Upon completion, all the files will be accessible within your provided space.

4 Adjustments

Your design is complete and ready to be displayed on your channel!

Want to add or modify something to your design? Get in touch within 30 days after full package completion, and we will make any small changes at no extra cost!

Anytime after the 30-day period will accrue a small fee.

Want a more complete Package?

The Ultimate Package has everything a streamer needs.

Hitting all marks, this package can be used no matter what platform you stream on. Perfect for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Facebook.

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