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Our twitch panels are custom designed to suit your style. Twitch panels are crucial to attract potential viewers and point them in the right direction such as to your social media or donation pages.

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Twitch Panels – Vital for every streamer.

All of our twitch panels are custom designed based on the idea or theme you have in mind. We believe that our panels for twitch are a crucial part of a streamers inventory as when you viewers scroll down beneath your stream they can quickly learn about who you are or be easily guided to other areas where you want viewership. This may be Twitter, Instagram, Patreon or even your merchandise.

First impressions matter, good design should never be overlooked and a beautiful about or calendar panel makes a world of difference when not only informing your viewers furthermore converting regular viewers into subscribers Below is a list of panels which are included:

Our artwork is compatible with all popular tools and many more!
StreamLabs | Stream Elements | Muxy | xSplit | OBS | Mixer | Twitch

Why are Twitch Panels important?

Not only are your twitch pannels featured right underneath your stream but they act as a crucial funnel to areas you feel are important.

Calendar Example

A great example of presenting information in a clear and concise way would be the calendar tile. If you have a set schedule this can be a great way to let your current viewers know when you will be back online or when your stream is ending.

Social Media Example

No matter how dedicated you are, social media engagement should never be overlooked. We recommend creating a coherent brand across all social media platforms where your current and potential audience is.
A great example of using social media and twitch together would be to have twitch tiles dedicated to your social media channels. The Twitter panel, Facebook panel, and an Instagram panel are some of the most popular we see across twitch.

What do we need to design your  Twitch Panels?

Upon ordering this item we will need some information before we can start the order. Typically, a brief description of the style you are after for your twitch bundle along with any examples from either our portfolio or other streamers would be enough for us to start designing your bundle for twitch.

We can work with as much or as little information as you are able to provide at the checkout

Please remember that typically within our bundles we tend to not create cartoon versions of streamers, characters, lifelike portraits or chibis. With this in mind if you wanted to check if your idea is possible please reach out to us and we can discuss your idea.

Customer Reviews

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Just what I wanted!

I had a hard time communicating what I wanted - but the Tactical Lion team took my mess of a description and produced a truly awesome logo that is unique and exactly what I wanted!

We really enjoyed working on your logo design and cannot wait to show you the finished twitch panels. Keep up the great streams! -Charlotte

Thankyou all, i love the end product


Beautiful artwork i really like it


Don't bother looking elsewhere, they do professional, clean artwork specifically for your needs at good price. what more do you need.


Didnt like the first lot but after a few tweaks they sent me a great set and i love them


Thankyou Tom! Friendly and creative person, very professional group


Sick work! My twitch page is coming along great! will be back for more in the future


Best team iv ever worked with,


New graphics look sick


Legendary!! :D