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YouTube videos are very important so grab your users attention and to help you create a brand that your viewers will remember. We believe intros should be clean and professional. Please note that YouTube intros should be between 5-7 seconds long based on our experience.

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Videos intros are very important to grab users attention as they are typically the first thing the viewer notices. An intro helps form a brand for your YouTube channel. Please note that YouTube intros should be between 5-7 seconds long based on our experience.

Examples of a YouTube Video Intro can be found on the video tab. Typically all of our video intros are logo reveals; 1080p. Typically our YouTube Intro product follows a standard design practice to be a simple particle/shatter reveal based on the style of logo chosen as opposed to a more intricate custom illustration of the logo. Examples of the style of logos can be found below.

Upon ordering this item we will need some information from you before we can start the order.  An example of some of the questions that may need answering are below, You do not need to answer these and if you don’t we will use our artistic and creative flair to fill in the blanks:

Primary Colors
Text to be included
Fonts to be used
Images to be included
Music to be used

Please include these in the “Order Notes” when at the checkout page.

Please check out the examples; or our full portfolio for even more.


Video Examples

Placing Order:

The first step is to add the item to your basket and proceed to the checkout where we will take some basic details about both you and the design you are after. With regards to how you want your graphics to look, this is where you are able to write in as much detail as you want. Some of our clients know specifically what they want whereas some only provide us with a generic theme or colour scheme. We are able to work with as much or as little information as you are able to provide us with, obviously the less detail you provide we will use our artistic flair to fill in the gaps.


The next step is choosing an estimated delivery method. We currently offer two delivery methods. (Working days are Mon – Fri):

Premium Delivery 1-2 working days $25

Standard Delivery 4-5 working days FREE

The estimated delivery time frames are for our delivery of the first draft of the work, please note that these are estimated and depending on the order we may deliver slightly before or after the initial estimate depending on the complexity of the artwork. Once the work has been paid a confirmation email will be sent to you via email which contains the delivery estimate and order number for future reference.

First Draft:

From here our artists will get to work on designing the artwork. Once the first draft has been drafted you will be contacted via email with a slight description of what we have done and a Dropbox link to the first draft of the artwork. This is a chance to give us feedback on the artwork and let us know if you require any changes to the overall theme or style of the artwork. If you are happy with this, simply let us know which draft you prefer and we can proceed with designing the rest of the artwork in this style. If an edit is needed such as a large overhaul or a change of theme this is the place to request this. If a larger change, is needed please allow two more working days for us to process this.

Final Draft and Edits:

If you are happy with the first draft of the artwork, our artists will then work through the rest of the artwork in the style that you have chosen and mock up everything which was included in your order. All of the drafts will be based on the same theme and style as the first draft provided. Following this, you will be contacted via email and will be provided with another description of the artwork that we have created as well as providing you with a Dropbox link to the final artwork. We do advise that you test the delivered artwork on your stream/channel as a lot of the artwork is made to fit perfectly on the platform that it is designed for. An example of this is that text may not look aligned in the correct position until applied to its intended area.

From here if you require any further edits to the final draft please provide us with a list of changes (ideally a bullet-pointed list with each item + the changes needed to it) within 5 working days, after this, we reserve the right to categorise this order as complete, which signals the end of the artwork changes.


We currently offer two delivery methods.

  • Premium Delivery: 1-2 Working Days $20
  • Standard Delivery: 4-5 Working Days Free

The delivery time frames are for our delivery of the first draft of the work. Once we have heard back from you with your feedback we will mock the finalized work up asap but this process can take up to two working days. Our Working days are from Monday to Friday. Once we have delivered the full mocked up bundle we will process any further requests or changes you have asap.