Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently in the process of adding a knowledge base for all of our products and a more in depth FAQ page.

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TacticalLionDesigns is a top source for many different types of graphics; these range from gaming to business. Our more popular products are currently our Twitch, Youtube and Bundles packages. We offer a great diversity of products and services which helps keep up a step above our competitors.

We have over 7+ years experience in the graphics design industry. We have been making graphics for companies and recently slightly moved our focus onto the game industry. An example of this is our YouTube and Twitch product line.

All of our prices are readily available on our website. You can view the shop Here

We will start your work as soon as we receive the order. Your delivery time depends on which shipping method you choose.

We currently offer two shipping methods.

1-2 Working Days - Premium - £10
4-5 Working Days - Free - £0

Working days - Mon-Fri

The whole process can be found on our ABOUT page.

We currently offer two different delivery types. The first delivery type is a free delivery option. This option is the standard delivery option and will delivery the first draft of the artwork to the customer in 4-5(Working Days)

The second delivery option is a paid delivery service. This is a £10 pound delivery charge which will delivery the first draft of the artwork to the custom in 1-2(Working Days).

With all delivery options the countdown to the delivery begins on the next day after the order is placed. An example of this is if the order is placed at 7:00pm on wednsday the first working day will be the thursday.

The following days are working days:

Monday: 10AM-5PM (GMT)
Tuesday: 10AM-5PM (GMT)
Wednsday: 10AM-5PM (GMT)
Thursday: 10AM-5PM (GMT)
Friday: 10AM-5PM (GMT)

This is rare. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head first time, sometimes it can take a number of discussions and design submissions before the client is happy with the concept. Ultimately we always ensure our clients walk away satisfied and we feel comfortable that we have put out a job to our highest standards within the confines of the timescale, brief and budget provided.

We accept payment via PAYPAL and STRIPE.