Shaped Twitch Panels

Twitch panels don’t specifically have to be the classic rectangle, you can have them any shape or size you require. Switching up your panel shape can have a great impact on the aesthetic of your channel.


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Free - Shaped Panels

Have fun with your twitch panels by shaking up the overall shape and design! Doing so is a great way to make your panels pop, attracting the attention of the viewer as well as being a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t fall into the trap of over designing your twitch panels.

Applying different shapes and designs to your channel is a funky way to stay memorable in your viewer’s mind, while also showing that you are a streamer to stick around for. By adding different shaped twitch panels, you are showing that you want your viewer’s experience on your channel, to be fun and engaging.

With this in mind, we also offer a wide range of free products as well as some eye catching premade packages and custom packages.

Shaped panels included

Downloads are available instantly both via the downloads section of your account dashboard and emailed directly to you.

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Customer Reviews

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Great panels

Thank you for downloading our artwork. Don't forget to check back for any custom artwork, premade packages or free artwork we release :)

My god 5 stars!!!
Don't forget to check back for any custom artwork, premade packages or free artwork we release :)