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A global community of millions who come together each day to create their own entertainment. Leading the way with the most active streamers.

Now acquired by Microsoft, Mixer brings streamers and viewers closer together by blurring the line between watching and playing.

Often overlooked by streamers, social media platforms are a great way to both reach new viewers and keep updated with current fans.

Why TacticalLion Designs

With over 7 years experience designing twitch graphics for streamers and online personalities we believe that we have the skill set to create beautiful artwork no matter your style or artwork ideas you have in mind.

We recognize the necessity to be unique. We also understand that one streamers needs may differ vastly from another so all of our stream graphics are custom-made based on your ideas.

Customization possibilities, quick customer support and over 7 years of expertise sets us apart from other businesses. Your stream graphics should be just as unique and eye-catching as everything else you do.

With designs including custom logos, eye-catching twitch panels, modular twitch overlays, striking twitch alerts, stunning animated twitch stingers and more, we are able to design beautiful custom twitch graphics to cover every available aspect of your Twitch and Mixer streamers.

If you are a brand-new streamer or if you want to simply redesign your stream graphics, get in touch.

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Genuine twitter reviews from our customers.

Ultimate Bundle
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The new stream graphics are coming together amazing. So close to having everything done. I just need a quick revision for it to be complete. Big thanks to @TacticalLionGFX for doing amazing work! 10/10 Recommend
Ultimate Bundle
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If any streamer is looking to upgrade their graphics, alerts, animated screens, etc. you need to check out @TacticalLionGFX ! I could not be happier with their work and their staff is top notch!!!! Thanks guys!!!! Jim and Brody
Twitch Bundle
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Huge thank you to @TacticalLionGFX for all my new stream graphics! I love how they came out! Can't wait to use them! #twitch #twitchtv #streamgraphics #newlook
Individual items.
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I’m really excited to have @TacticalLionGFX doing more graphic designs for my #twitch page! They did such an awesome job that I’m having way more done with them! Such an awesome team for this kind of work, check em out - #StreamerNetwork #streamer
Twitch Bundle
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Big thanks to @TacticalLionGFX for their amazing work on my new graphics for Mixer
Ultimate Bundle
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@TacticalLionGFX is who I used they dont gouge you and they delivered for me I'm very happy with their efforts
King Wulph
Twitch Bundle
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Huge shoutout to @TacticalLionGFX for the new logo and a whole bunch of other goodies!! You honestly need to go check them out if you’re in the market to give yourself a facelift! I’m super happy with my results and I can’t wait to apply the rest of it after work tonight!

Creating both custom and premade artwork keeps us busy.

Free artwork, crucial guides for streamers and the latest updates. Keep updated below.

Mixer Graphic Sizes

Mixer graphic sizes

In this guide you will find the perfect dimensions and ratios for all Mixer elements you can apply on your stream.

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