Twitch graphic sizes guide 2022

This Twitch graphics size guide is intended for both artists and streamers as a fast reference which should be bookmarked.

In this post, you will learn:
• The correct image dimensions for Twitch.
• Perfect image files sizes for upload.
• Tips & tricks to get the artwork to look great!
Twitch Graphic Size Guide

In this guide, you will find the perfect dimensions and ratios for all elements for your Twitch Stream. From Twitch profile picture sizes to twitch emote sizes, this guide has it all. These Twitch graphic sizes are based on the latest updates, and we will keep this article up to date with the latest changes.

Want to design your own Twitch graphics or want to make sure your current designs fit the new Twitch requirements.

Twitch is well-known as the internet’s largest streaming social media network. Twitch is altering and increasing its reach in response to the growing popularity of content production and a fast growing audience for video streaming services. It is critical to create amazing Twitch channel visuals!

Here is a complete list of the recommended and maximum file sizes for Twitch Images, with the relevant ratios and graphical sizes.

Quick reference table for twitch image sizes.

GraphicImage Size (Pixels)Max File Size
Twitch Profile Picture (Avatar) Size 512 x 512 px10 MB
Twitch Banner Size 1200 x 480 px10 MB
Twitch Offline Screen Size 1920 x 1080 px10 MB
Twitch Emote Size 112 x 112px up to 4096 x 4096px1 MB
Twitch Sub Badge Size S 18 x 18 - M 36 x 36 L 72 x 72 px25 KB
Twitch Thumbnail Size 1280 x 720 px10 MB
Twitch Overlay Size 1920 x 1080 px< 20 MB
Twitch Alert Size 700 x 250 px8MB
Twitch Webcam Size 1920 x 1080 px< 10 MB

Twitch Profile Picture (Avatar)​ Size

The Twitch profile picture is crucial to building a brand as this should not only be used on twitch but across all platforms.

This may be one of the smaller elements that you will incorporate into your stream, nevertheless it has to be the right proportions. Make sure your Twitch profile picture size is the correct size otherwise it won’t upload take into consideration that twitch scales this image down.

Some places where your twitch avatar will be visible.

  • Twitch channel and social media profiles
  • Email Notifications of Alerts
  • Google text and image search
  • Twitter Posts With a Link to Your Stream

We recommend that you use your primary brand image here, whether it’s a kick-butt stream logo or a snapshot of your huge lovely mug. Whatever you pick, ensure that the subject fills as much of the frame as possible. This is because the Profile Picture (which is already tiny) is frequently scaled down further to fit on different devices, Twitch navigation, and so on.

The finished output should be clean and distinct – viewers should be able to recognize your channel from your profile image right away. You’re doing it incorrectly if people have to squint to see your image.

Twitch Profile Picture Size

Recommended size:
512 x 512 pixels (1:1 ratio)
Maximum file size:

Frequently asked Twitch Profile Picture questions.

We have noticed people asking for an animated profile picture for twitch? This is currently only done by a third party app called 7tv. This feature is a paid feature and only people using the third party plugin will actually see the animated twitch profile picture.

Other platforms are starting to accept animated profile pictures, we have examples of this in our Discord size guide.

1. Navigate to and log into your account. Then click your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Click profile photo again to be taken to your settings.

3. Click “Update Profile Picture” (under the “Profile” section of your account settings).

4. Select “Upload Photo” (or “Edit Current Thumbnail” if you want to simply re-crop your existing profile photo).

5. Select the appropriate photo from your computer.

6. Crop and rotate your profile photo as desired, then hit “Save.

Twitch Banner Size

Keep in mind that your image will scale depending on the resolution of each viewer’s individual monitor, so your Twitch banner size should be wide enough to scale up if needed.  

Since the new 2021 update the twitch profile banner update we recommend uploaded a file size larger than what is suggested by Twitch. They theoretically suggest 900px wide, but we would suggest going for 1200 to help with larger scale devices.

Twitch banners can be one of the trickiest to get right, but it is work tweaking your design to make it work.

Recommended sizes
1200 x 480 pixels
Maximum file size

Twitch Profile Banner Size

Twitch Offline Screen Size

Offline screen’s are a great resource to have on your channel as they provide information about the stream and your social media, even while you are away. This makes it a great accessory to have on your channel when used to its full potential. 

Being super easy, the offline screen uses a 16:9 ratio with 1920 x 1080 dimensions and works perfectly for Starting, Ending, and BRB screens as well.

Twitch Offline Banner SIze

Recommended size:
1920 x 1080
Maximum file size:

Twitch Emote Size

Emotes can be a fun and unique way of building up your own stream brand, especially when you have regular viewers. It’s good to note that only affiliates and partners are able to use emotes and must be submitted to Twitch for reviewal before you can use them on your channel.

Make sure your emotes are in PNG format and fit the correct three sizes, with a transparent background, before you submit them to Twitch.

Twitch Emote Size

Recommended sizes
112 x 112px to 4096 x 4096px
Maximum file size
1 MB

Twitch Sub Badge Size

One of the best incentives for viewers to return to your channel is to implement subscriber badges. These are a fun and exciting addition to your stream for regular visitors and when done right can add a whole new experience to your Twitch channel.

Dissimilar to emotes, badges do not require approval from Twitch and you can apply them to your channel as soon as you are ready to do so. Make sure your sub badges are in PNG format and fit the correct three sizes with a transparent background before you apply them to your channel.

Recommended size:
Smallest 18 x 18 pixels – Medium 36 x 36 pixels
Largest 72 x 72 pixels
Maximum file size:

Twitch Sub Badge Size

Twitch Thumbnail Size

Still want people to engage with your channel, even while you are offline? Adding enticing thumbnails to your VOD’s can be a game-changer and prompt your viewers to watch you stream when you go live.  

You can use PNG or JPEG formats with 16:9 ratios and the maximum dimension being 1920 x 1080 pixes.

Twitch Thumbnail Size

Recommended sizes
1280 x 720 pixels
Maximum file size

Twitch Overlay Size

The webcam and overlay are probably the most important elements you will put on your stream, so getting the dimensions correct is a must. 

The overlay itself is a must for most streamers but applying the wrong size can be detrimental to your stream. Viewers will most definitely recognize if your overlay is too big, ultimately, interfering with your stream. 

Implementing these elements can be a little tricky since once applied they have to be scaled to the correct size for each streamer. Having elements that are overbearing, isn’t going to appeal to your audience, so taking your time to apply them and make sure they are the correct fit will only improve your stream layout.

Recommended file size:
1920 x 1080 pixels
Larger 16:9 or smaller 4:3 ratios

Twitch Alert Size

Streamlabs or StreamElements affect alert file size. Streamlabs allows 10MB files and StreamElements 30MB. Keep your alert size below 2-3MB. Keeping file sizes minimal improves OBS programme performance.

You’ll want a transparent file format. Transparency allows you to overlay seamlessly with the game your streaming

For static (non-animated) notifications, use a transparent PNG.

For animated stream alerts we would always advise with a .webM format as this supports transparency for animated notifications.
We would avoid the use of GIF files as they have poor compression (essential for keeping file size low).

Mixer Alert Size

Recommended sizes
700x 250 pixels
Maximum file size

Twitch Webcam Size (face cam aspect ratio)

Webcams are more difficult to give particular sizes or measurements to.
Many streamers will crop their cameras, tweaking and scaling until the ideal size is found.
Others will use image masks in OBS or Streamlabs to change the shape of their webcam.
Webcam size is entirely subjective and sizes will vary depending on channel, scene selection, and in-game UI layouts.

As a result, it’s difficult to recommend a specific webcam resolution — though we do recommend starting as large as possible.

That means ast the face cam aspect ratio twitch varies, using a 1920 x 1080px canvas for most 16:9 webcams and a 1600 x 1200px canvas for 4:3 cams.

Starting large helps you to maintain quality as you scale your camera down to accommodate smaller locations.

Recommended file size:
1920 x 1080 pixels
Larger 16:9 or smaller 4:3 ratios

Closing thoughts.

By following these Twitch size guidelines, we ensure your stream set up will look clean and professional. Having the correct ratios and sizes is appreciated most by your viewers, who will notice when things are working well. Hopefully the above guide will help answer one of our most common questions.

This means you know how to use Twitch’s graphics sizes. You have everything you need to start making things with this guide. We’re sure you have everything you need to take the next step, but if you don’t, our team of professional stream designers is here to help.

Our collection of high-quality, free, and already-made Twitch overlays are still here if you need them.

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