About Us


TacticalLionDesigns has been a top source of high-end graphic design throughout various industries. Whether in gaming, small businesses, or the realm of online content creation, we offer high quality services at competitive price points. Currently, our most popular design packages relate to Twitch streaming, YouTube content creation, and our impressive bundles.

With over 7 years of experience in graphic design, serving multiple businesses, we recently shifted our focus to better serve the fast-growing gaming and online content creation communities. We believe with our YouTube and Twitch product lines, our comprehensive processes, and our extremely attentive customer support we are light years ahead of our competitors.



  • Customer Support – We offer fast and constant communication with our customers.
  • Great Documentation – We offer great documentation with all our products.
  • Any Color or Theme – We offer graphics which will fit any color or theme.
  • Custom Graphics – Great custom graphics fit for all your needs.
  • Pixel Perfect Images – We offer pixel perfect images for a wide range of graphics.
  • Worldwide Delivery – We offer delivery worldwide via e-mail and Google Drive.
  • Unlimited Revisions – We offer unlimited revisions to all our graphics.
  • 7+ Years of Experience- We offer guidance when creating your graphics.

We want to help contribute to make the internet a more beautiful and attractive place.

Customer support via E-Mail

We offer fast and constant communication with our customers and potential customers.

We will happily discuss with anybody about our services and products. We can offer draft revisions (paid orders come first) and if you need to discuss in vast detail and what you want we can even chat to you on Skype if you prefer instead of e-mail.

We have helped many customers over both e-mail and Skype to get the products they wanted or to work with them closely on a large order or custom design..

Great Documentation

We offer great documentation with all of our products.

Within this documentation we will always include a PDF file which includes help documentation to show you how to use your products and how to install them onto your social media.

If you have purchased the PSD files we will also include all the files you need to edit your products. This will typically include all of the font files we have used in the creation of your product.

Any Color or Theme

We offer to design our products with any color or theme in mind.

We understand that trying to stick to a particular color or theme when designing your graphics is important so we will try to stick to one if you request it.

If you don't have a particular color/theme in mind then we will try to create one for you while creating your products.

Custom Graphics

Great custom graphics fit for all your needs.

Once we have made the graphics they will be 100% yours. You can use these how you wish and we encourage you to use them across all your social media accounts.

We will keep the design we made for you, exclusive to you. This means we won't reuse your design to other customers.

Pixel Perfect Images

We offer pixel perfect images for a wide range of graphics.

All our of products are designs based on our own template unique for each product. This means that we can create 100% pixel perfect designs across all our your social media.

As you may be aware each social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) all have their different size requirements for their images.

Worldwide Delivery

We offer delivery worldwide via e-mail and Google Drive.

Once your order is ready we will upload all of the products you ordered to Google Drive and E-Mail you the link so you can view and download your products.

Unlimited Revisions

The Client must assume our unlimited revisions is directly related to the initial order information. Once the first draft has been accepted by the client we will then only make more revisions to the artwork at our discretion. Typically this isn't an issue and we can create extra tiles, Tweak text and colours but something such as a complete overhaul is not included.

By this we mean if we create your artwork following the order information you provided to us and then 1 week or 1 month later (for example) you come back to us and request a whole new design which does not coincide with the same design principles (e.g Changing all the artwork from say an animal design to a futuristic logo design) this is not something we can fix by revision and a new order will have to be place.

The unlimited revisions policy is also void if the client uses the artwork then wishes to drastically change the artwork. Revisions to this will be made at our discretion.

The unlimited revisions policy comes to an end if we do not receive a request for a change from the client after 5 working days. This is due to the fact that we will mark the order as complete.

7+ Years of Experience

We offer guidance when creating your graphics.

We have been creating graphics for over 7 years from gaming graphics to business graphics. We believe that this has given us a great understanding of what the user wants and how we can deliver the best service for them.






1 Hour




our working process in 3 steps

We believe it is vital to give you as much information about our working process as possible. With this is mind we have simplified our working method into three simple steps. These steps are aimed to provide you with clarity throughout the order process and give you confidence in the products and services you are purchasing.

Order Received + Planning

The first step once we receive payment plus instructions we will begin to plan the order to make sure all of the graphics are fit for purpose and fit the buyers needs.

Design & Develop Process

Once we have planned the graphics we will work to design an initial draft and then develop it into a fully finished product / products.

Delivery + Unlimited Revisions

Once we are satisfied with the design we will deliver it to you. If you are unhappy with any of the products we offer unlimited revisions until you are happy.