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Very nice, easy to use and apply to OBS! For just a couple of dollars, this creator is helping a lot of us new streamers, what a great person!

Delta Stream Package
Benedikt Hoffmann
Smooth sailing.

Download, unzip, follow the instructions and voilà, SLOBS (and if you import it there, OBS) will put this pretty coat on. Comes with two extra Scenes to allow you to bolt on as many or few social media icons as you want.
A (comparatively) nice and simple Overlay for people that don't care for magic circles, gouts of flame, or sparking machinery when you can have it nice and monochrome with some floaty triangles.
I can't accurately judge how well one might work with it in After Effects or similar as I have no experience in those kinds of programs (yet), but if it's on the same level as setting it up it'll be a breeze.

Core - Stream Package

Edge Stream Package
Martin Rousseau

Edge Stream Package

Warp design

Love the design overall best purchase for a full package for $30 over paying for a different one from another company for $100+

Waves Stream Package
Diego Gutierrez
Its amazing, yet calm

Loved the overlay colors

Radiant Stream Package
Brian Germano
Good quality

Wish I could edit some of the titles or words in the scenes but all in all the quality is very good

Great overlay!!

I chose the stream package based on the theme, as I wanted something space based for my community. The variety of included overlays and access to the source files (so I could translate everything into Spanish) is great. Overall, it helps me give my stream a more professional look.

Outstanding job!

Warp Stream Package
Adam McKinley
Amazing stream package!

I just finished streaming the classic KOTOR series. That being said, I wanted my theme to revolve around that a little bit. Warp seemed like the perfect one to build everything around for what I was thinking, and I'm still loving it!

Great for a regular streamer!

As an affiliate streamer, I wanted to get something more snazzy than the basic free setup I was using for my streams. I decided at the 6 month mark I would update my look, and I found the 'Core' Pack at a very reasonable price on the website. It was relatively easy to install on my OBS Platform, and runs very well, with seamless transitions. Very well worth the money and I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it. The new look went down a storm with my regular viewers, with some asking me directly where I got it from, to which I happily provided links to the website.

Excellent service, would shop again!

Icon Twitch Panels
Wiktoria Nowak

Love it!

Animated Overlay
wonderfull overlays

it was such a nice purchase i love the neo overlays thanks very much

Hexagon Twitch Panels
Juhász Márk

Hexagon Twitch Panels

Amazing Icons

I just wanted to say that these icons were amazing! It really helped improve my channel. I totally recommend using their designs

Nova Stream Package
Nicolas roques
Everything good

Everything is easy to install, thanks

NightMode - Stream Package
Hero the Main on YouTube and Twitch
So Far so good!

Hi I love the simplicity of this pack! Aesthetically it's exactly what you'd expect from something called Night Mode and all the folders are well organized and easy to work with! The Panels also look great on the Twitch About Me page! The only odd exclusion to me is there is no symbol for Discord, which I would love to have to include in my onscreen social's banner; would be cool if you added that in the future!

Duck Stream Package
Matthew meeks
Duck package

I like everything except it would be nice if there was an alternate just chatting scene that had just the words, "just chatting". Instead of frames and etc. similar to the short break but with the above wording.

Other then that i like it all.

I love these overlays!

I used this overlays on Streamlabs Prime where they were included but wanted to try OBS studio, so I purchased the same one 😀 I love them that much. If they make a neon yellow/green and pink I will surely buy that one also.

Animated Overlay
Shubham Bansal

Animated Overlay

Fire Stream Package

wished it had a sound with the stinger animation


I'm so happy with this product,looks great!!

decent simple design

Tried the free overlays just to get an idea of how I want my stream to look it was simple great option for the cost and easy to use would purchase again

ncie and effective design

this was shown to me by a friend and so far, it seems to be what I need to start out my streaming hobby, but during the installation process for SLOBS, one of the install links gave me the green choices for alerts instead of the blue. while I did figure the issue out on my own, this might cause some minor problems for others starting out. other than that, seems like a nice starting point.


where do i get em

Neon Overlay
Joshua Koch

Neon Overlay