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We have been working closely with Streamlabs for coming up to two years designing animated packages, alerts and website themes. During this time we have created some eye-catching packages and unique designs created to work perfectly with Streamlabs OBS.

Throughout this article we want to showcase some of our more popular themes available on the Streamlabs theme library and some packages that we truly loved designing.

What Is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs build tools and software allowing live streamers to engage with viewers, monetize their broadcasts, and grow their channels.

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Some of our recent work with Streamlabs.

Cosmos Animated Package

When designing packages we always try to keep a theme in mind. With cosmos the theme was more evident than ever. We wanted to create a theme which would not only work with the space genre of games but also blend well to work with IRL and variety streaming.

Explore the universe with our Cosmos package. Mixing together a blue and green hues to compliment every stream.

Hue Animated Package

With the Hue package, we wanted to take a different approach to this design. Taking the inspiration behind Instagram’s logo’s colors we created a 4 point gradient that rotates seamlessly. Pairing this with simple and clean animation this package works great with games such as Fall Guys and IRL streaming.

The hue package takes a simple gradient to the next level. Perfect for not only gaming streaming but IRL and just chatting too.

Retro Animated Package

We have seen and created multiple packages based around the 80’s synthwave aesthetic. With this package specifically we attempted to pair an 80’s style with clean and smooth animated text design. The main aim for this design was to create a perfect throwback style but keeping animations firmly in a modern style.

With a heavy 80s style our retro package offers a synth inspired background and fully animated overlay components.

Drop Animated Package

The main goal for our Drop package was to create a neutral yet appealing animated design. The slow moving topography inspired background works well to create the perfect variety or just chatting stream. The complimenting few gradient drops work well to give the design a just needed drop of color.

The Drop package combines both calm animations and vibrant colors to create a deep and versatile package.

Glitch Animated Package

With a glitchy animation, this package really stands out from the rest. Designed from the ground up to be eye-catching yet not overbearing the glitch package does just that. With animation throughout and unique looking alerts your stream will never look more alive.

The Glitch package features a futuristic and high-tech overlay. Balancing this with a minimal and eye-catching alerts and scenes.

The above packages are just a small varied sample from our extensive catalog created for the streamlabs theme library. With more and more themes on the way we would hear any ideas you might have for packages, alerts or website themes.

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