Case Study: Trivia Rose

Katerina first reached out to our team at the end of 2020 with a unique design in mind. She was already using one of our premade designs in partnership with streamlabs but was in search for a custom designed package.

Our team loved the ideas proposed by Katerina which was a mix of abstract design with solid coloring. Not leaning too heavily on a cute aesthetic but instead aiming for something clean and multi game friendly.

Abstract rose intertwined with typography.

With all of our designs, after a quick brainstorm session we got started on the mascot / logo illustration. Our main aim was to really bring to life a yellow rose but to intertwine this with an abstract concept of pink and cyan. With this in mind we opted for a tweaked perspective logo design really hitting home the abstract concept.

Following this concept Katerina had the idea to include a custom mascot which could be used interchangeably with the logo design. Following the same design concept we created another sketch based around here ideas and a provided photo.

Once approved, our team moved on to creating the rest of the package. We really wanted to merge together the concept of abstract coloring with a full animated logo reveal and package.

For extra versatility, we broke the logo down into various elements so that we can create a seamless and loopable animation. Perfect for every scene.

#FDD109 - Metallic Yellow

##00FEFE - Aqua

#FB00FC - Fuchsia

With a base to work from we designed the rest of the elements inline with the approved mascots and previous used artwork.

We opted to add subtle glowing effects throughout the package as we believe this added an element of complexity to the design without overbearing the audience.

Furthermore, this style this enabled us to keep the alerts clean while leaving enough room to include the required information.

All the team really enjoyed working closely with Katerina to create not only a design package following her requirements but to be part of her ongoing journey from streamer to affiliate and eventually partner.

Questions and answers with Katerina.

Why did you choose TacticalLionDesigns?

I chose TacticalLionDesigns because I had found some of the stream overlays through Streamlabs and absolutely fell in love with them. As a new streamer, I wanted something with flare and while the set I found worked fantastically, I wanted something that truly represented me and my brand. Being able to get an entire custom package from the company I was already excited about was the perfect answer!


What are your top 3 streaming tools?

My top 3 streaming tools are Streamlabs Chatbot, OBS Studio, and my Shure SM7B with the GoXLR!


How did you get into streaming?

With the insanity that is the COVID pandemic, I found myself isolated at home, both for work and play. I’ve always been an avid gamer, starting back with the original Gameboys and began ‘streaming’ through Discord. It was fun and I loved hanging with my friends but I wanted to build up a community and really broaden my friendships, especially because I was already stuck at home all day, every day. Streaming on Twitch was what really turned 2020 around for me… with the amazing friends I’ve made. I’m extremely excited for what’s to come!


If you could change one thing about Twitch, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about Twitch, I would look at how we could modernize and simplify the tools for streamers. I moderate for some amazing channels and the tools are clunky and make creating and keeping a wholesome community challenging when chat is flying!

Want to see the designs in action or get to know Katerina? Watch her live on Twitch or follow her on Twitter.

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