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With an eye-catching, neon inspired design, Player One helps refine any stream to a professional standard. Featuring a simple neon animation helps the artwork stand out but not be too distracting from the gameplay.

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Works on any platform. Any software.

Designed to work on every platform to give you as much flexibility as possible.

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Easy to edit Source files

With our source files you can easily customize any of the elements in this package.

  • .psd (Photoshop) files can be edited to change the static elements of the bundle, such as the profile panels.
  • .ae (After Effects) files can be edited to change the effects and colors of the animation.

A basic knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects is required to edit and customize the bundle. We do not provide any official support for our source files.

How does it Work?

1 Choose the package

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3 Instantly download

Have you discovered the perfect package for you? Simply add it to your cart and proceed to the checkout.

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll gain instant access to download all the files.

From there, easily install the artwork and start streaming without delay.
Begin your streaming journey effortlessly!

What other streamers are saying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This stream package was great

Everything about this package was great. Love the animated overlays, the font, the stinger, alerts. I am pretty new at putting together scenes and overlays in OBS and it took a bit to learn but YouTube is around to help you learn. After it was all said and done, I am sure glad I made this as my first overlay/stream package purchase. 5/5

Hi Brian,

Thank you for leaving your positive review! We are happy to hear you are enjoying the player One stream package!

- Emma

joanna koetterheinrich
Love the look

Look the look of this package. Suits me perfectly, I only wish there was a “stream starting” included. Unless I’ve not found it yet then ignore me and it’s awesome 😅

Hello Joanna,

It's great to hear that you like our package. With this package we have broken down a few elements to make this easier for you to set up. To set up the Starting Soon screen you need to use the following elements:


I hope this helps and if you need any extra help setting this up please reach out to us!

Briana DeCoster
Player One

Absolutely love the package! I have gotten so many compliments from followers. It took us some time to figure out how to properly add everything to Streamlabs obs but once we figured out how to set it up it was easy to add personal touches. I will definitely recommend to friends who stream on twitch.

Hey Briana,

Thank you for leaving an awesome review! Player One is one of my personal favourites so reading your review made me very happy!

- Emma

Heather Leonforte
LOVE this overlay - easy enough to use for a beginner too!

Fits perfectly with my brand/coloring; love the functionality. Very crisp/sharp images. HIGHLY recommend.

Robert Prill
Great Product - Horrible Detailing/Installation

The entire process from the moment of purchase to full functionality was a complete nightmare. This started with the saturation of tools in the market with similar names and a lack of clarification in the product. Adding a disclaimer about products this DOESNT work would be beneficial as well (or at least noting not with 1 click). This led me to start trying to set up the new program SL OBS. I had no experience with this tool, and the links provided in my download were out of date causing further frustration. At this point I started talking to David, who try as he might had nigh no answers that helped me. Finally he was able to provide me with a working link for the alerts which I was able to get working (I think). However this left me with the suggestion to manually install them all into OBS, as I'd decided SL-OBS was too cumbersome. After an hour of frustration with OBS, I went to bed. This morning I got up and started fresh with SL-OBS and think I got most of it working.

I know it may sound bad so far but, this company provides an AMAZING product. This gives you the ability to turn a very basic and functional stream into something that looks professionally done, because IT IS. A prebuilt custom may not be original, but it's not basic.

Frequently asked questions?

What are source files?

With our source files add-on you can easily tweak any of the elements included in this package.

The design can be edited using both Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe After Effects and a basic understanding of the programs are needed.

How do i install my package

Installing our package is easy. If you use Streamlabs OBS simply use our guide below:

View our Streamlabs setup guide here.

If you stream using OBS, StreamElements or another tool the package will have to be set-up manually. Don’t worry this is as simple as placing the elements in the correct position and scenes.

We aim to give you as much flexibility as possible.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.
Prices are displayed in USD $ and GBP £ depending on location.

Sounds great! How do i download the package?

Simply add the package to your cart and proceed to the checkout.

Once paid, you can download your designs instantly from your account.

You will also receive an email confirming your order.

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