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With an eye-catching, neon inspired design, Player One helps refine any stream to a professional standard. Featuring a simple neon animation helps the artwork stand out but not be too distracting from the gameplay.

Designed to work on every platform to give you flexibility

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What's  included?

Source files (Photoshop + After Effects)

Every streamer covered

Player one is an eye-catching, neon inspired design. Perfect for all games due to its unique purple and blue color scheme.
Featuring a simple neon animation helps the artwork stand out but not be too distracting from the gameplay.

Works on Every platform

Designed to work on every platform to give you as much flexibility to use the tools and platform that suits you.

Stream on a unique platform? Our support heroes are only a click away.

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Eye-Catching Alerts

Created following the same designs aesthetic and color scheme as the rest of the package. These animated alerts stand out featuring a quick neon animation.

We have included 11 alerts which cover all the events on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Facebook gaming.

One click setup Streamlabs

All of our pre-made packages come professionally set up so that you can focus on what’s important, streaming! Don’t waste time setting up scenes and alerts.

Included in our packages are a .overlay file for easy scene importing and a widget link to install your animated alerts. Simple!

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Easy to edit Source files

With our source files add-on you can easily tweak any of the elements included in this package.

Editing the .psd (Photoshop) files you will easily be able to edit any of the static files within the bundle such as the profile panels.

Editing the .ae (After Effects) file will allow you to manipulate the effects and easily change the color of the animation and effects.

A basic knowledge of both Photoshop and After Effects is needed to edit and manipulate the bundle. We do not provide any support for our source files.

Player One After Effects
Player One Photoshop

How does it  Work?

1 Choose the package

2 Checkout

3 instantly download

Found the package that is right for you? Simply add it to your basket and head to the checkout.

Once finished you will be able to download all the files instantly.

From here you can install the artwork and begin streaming straight away.

Customer Reviews

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This stream package was great
Love the look
Hello Joanna, It's great to hear that you like our package. With this package we have broken down a few elements to make this easier for you to set up. To set up the Starting Soon screen you need to use the following elements: Starting_Text.png Animated_BG.mp4 I hope this helps and if you need any extra help setting this up please reach out to us!
Player One
LOVE this overlay - easy enough to use for a beginner too!
Great Product - Horrible Detailing/Installation