Plexus - Stream Package


Plexus – Stream Package


Inspired with futuristic and android themes, Plexus brings a fresh look to any stream wanting to revamp their channel. With heavy neon accents and subtle glow animation, Plexus will bring advanced energy to your stream like never before!

Grabbing your viewer’s attention, while keeping the focus directed to your content is a great way Plexus will keep you memorable in your viewer’s minds.

Perfect for streaming on Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, and Facebook, as well as being easy to install and fully compatible with XSplit, OBS Studio,, and Streamlabs OBS.


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Download package contains

Downloads are available instantly both via the downloads section of your account dashboard and emailed directly to you.

Alert bundle 

  • 11 Animated alerts
  • One-Click install for StreamLabs
  • Alerts sound effects included
  • Compatable with StreamLabs, StreamElements, Lightstream & more.
  • Twitch, Mixer, YouTube & Facebook alerts

Overlay+ bundle 

  • Animated overlay elements.
  • Webcams - 16:9 4:3 & Greenscreen
  • Scenes - BRB, Starting, Ending, Intermission)
  • Social icons
  • Stinger transition
  • Profile panels
  • .overlay file for SLOBS

Full stream bundle +(Source Files)

  • Everything in the overlay bundle
  • Everything in the alerts bundle
  • Source files (After Effects & Photoshop)
  • Edit the color using Master Controls (.ae)

Full Stream Bundle 

  • Everything in the overlay bundle
  • Everything in the alerts bundle

Plexus -  The Overlay & Webcam

The plexus overlay features a heavily inspired futuristic and android themes. This unique overlay will help

With heavy neon accents and subtle glow animation Plexus stand out no matter what game you are streaming.

Perfect for streaming on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as being easy to install and fully compatible with Streamlabs, OBS Studio,, and XSplit.

Plexus -  The Alerts

Created following the same designs aesthetic and color scheme as the rest of the package. These animated alerts stand out featuring simplicity and neon effects.

We have included 11 alerts which cover all the events on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Facebook gaming.

If you are using Streamlabs you can simply use our one-click installation link. If you are using StreamElements or Lightstream you can simply set these alerts up the traditional way.

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Plexus -  Source Files

We provide both the after effects and photoshop files we used to design all the elements in this bundle.

Editing the .psd (Photoshop) files you will easily be able to edit any of the static files within the bundle such as the profile panels.

Editing the .ae (After Effects) file will allow you to manipulate the effects and easily change the color of the animation and effects.

A basic knowledge of both Photoshop and After Effects is needed to edit and manipulate the bundle. We do not provide any support for our source files.

Have any Questions?

We can help with every aspect of our premade and custom artwork. Reach out to us.

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What's Included
Overlay & Webcam
Source Files

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Customer Reviews

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Mostly Great

Overall happy with the graphics. The various video graphics that have movement, the paused and beginning/ending screens, and the transitions are all top. I really like the neon outlines on a all the graphics. Everything is great except for the static backgrounds on some of the graphics, like the stream label and the 4 boxes for viewer info. The kind of watery or ocean art looks weird with that 80s Tron neon of the rest of the package. A flat color or maybe in theme gradient would look better. Of course this is all my opinion and I may not be using the ones I don't like correctly. Overall very happy with the package.

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