Mixer graphic sizes

In this guide you will find the perfect dimensions and ratios for all Mixer elements you can apply on your stream.
Mixer Graphic Size Guide

Mixer Graphic Sizes

In this guide you will find the perfect dimensions and ratios needed to set up a clean and professional Mixer stream. These Mixer graphic sizes are based on the latest updates. We will keep this article up to date with the latest changes. Whether you are creating your own artwork or want to make sure your current designs fit the new updates, this guide is for you.

Mixer Profile Picture Size

The profile picture is one of the smaller parts of your stream but shouldn’t be underestimated when branding your channel. In order to log in and upload your profile picture to Mixer, you may be asked to link your Microsoft account first.

Always ensure you have the correct ratios and sizes before you upload your picture as it may not be able to upload and may be stretched to fit, losing all quality.

Recommended sizes
512 x 512 pixels
Maximum file size

Mixer Profile Picture (Avatar)

Mixer Social Thumbnail Size

Mixer social thumbnails show up when someone shares your channel link on social media. This is a fantastic addition to any stream and prompts viewers to go and check it out. You can use PNG or JPEG formats with 16:9 ratios.

Mixer Social Thumbnail

Recommended sizes
405 x 230 pixels
Maximum file size

Mixer Overlay Size

It’s important to ensure your webcam and overlay are the correct sizes when applying them to your stream as it is very easy to spot when they are not lined up properly, leaving your stream looking amateur and low quality. 

It can sometimes be tricky when implementing these elements to your stream. Once they have been applied they have to be scaled to fit properly around your requirements. It’s always a good idea to take your time when applying the overlay and webcam elements to make sure they fit perfectly around your stream.

Mixer overlay size is a little different to the rest in this list. This depends on:
- Streaming resolution
- Webcam aspect ratio (16:9 - 4:3)
- Personal choice of overlay design

Recommended file size:
1920 x 1080 pixels
Larger 16:9 or smaller 4:3 ratios

Mixer Offline Banner Size

A great way to inform your viewers while you are offline is through your offline banners. Having a banner displaying your schedule and social media information is the ideal way to keep your audience up to date while you are away from the stream. These banners have become an essential part of streamers setup. 

With a 16:9 ratio and 1920 x 1080 dimension, these banners also work perfectly for BRB, Ending and Starting screens as well.

Recommended size:
1280 x 720 pixels
Maximum file size:

Mixer offline banner size

Mixer Alert Size

One of the most attention-grabbing ways to improve your stream is to implement alerts. Peeking your viewer engagement is a must and using alerts is a great way to do it! The usual streamlabels include donation, follower, subscriber, host, and cheer and with the correct size guide, will be the perfect addition to any stream. 

Just like panels, your alerts can be different shapes and sizes and is up to the streamer’s discretion what style they prefer to go for. However, making them too big and flashy will intrude in the stream and take all focus away, so be careful when deciding what size alert you would like to have.

Mixer Alert Size

Recommended size:
750 x 250
Maximum file size:
10MB per panel

Mixer Emote Size

Mixer emotes can be a fun addition to your stream bringing in viewer engagement. Its good to note that Mixer emotes are slightly smaller than other streaming platforms being 24 x 24 pixels, this is due to size limitations within chat to keep everything looking clear, otherwise, things start to look fuzzy.

Recommended sizes:
24 x 24 pixels
Maximum file size:

Mixer Emote Size

Mixer Panels Size

It’s always a great idea to apply attractive looking panels to your channel, but making sure they are the correct size can mean to difference between appealing or ugly panels. If you have a great panel design but it doesn’t fit together correctly once you have applied it then you may have used the incorrect dimensions.

You don’t need huge panels just to make them stand out, a good sleek panel will speak for its self. Remember, a lot of the time when you are appealing to an audience through themes and styles, less is more and portrays a clean and professional stream.

Mixer Panel Size

Recommended size:
700 x 300
Be careful with width for scalability on mobile
Maximum file size:
5MB per panel

Have an idea in mind?

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